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Rare Antiques...Handling Quality Consignments for 15 Years

Vintage...Stroll down memory lane from the comforts of your home.

Exquisite Antique Art from all over the world.

The use of Asian antiques to enliven rooms has become enormously popular. We have many up for auction now with many more coming!

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We bring you a huge selection of antiques and vintage items online, plus our inventory of rare, unique antique items are added daily. We offer, Asian antiques, time period antiques from all over the world, rare antiques, and hard to find antiques. We try to cover a wide range of different types of antiques as well as a wide variety of styles and interest.  Whether it is the history, beauty, or object that fascinates you, value, investment or preservation, we feel confident our knowledge and expertise will help you make the right choices for your collections

Estate Auctions Inc. is one of the oldest, most established antiques and collectibles on the eBay community and on the Internet. Whether you are an antiques hobbyist, working dealer, serious collector or the practical sort who repurposes unique items for use in your home, we’re here to inform, entertain and of course help. All of our auctions start at 99 cents. and we have a 100% positive feed back. We love what we do and it is a lot of fun!


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Antique textiles are the useful chameleons in interior decorating.  There’s nothing more distinctive than entwining a unique antique fabric into your home décor that speaks to your interest in different cultures.  Textiles instantly warms up your room and gives the space added personality. Do you need a pop of seasonal color for summer or fall? Changing the fabric elements in your room is a simple and effective way to make your home comfy.  If you remember how comforting it felt to cuddle up with a favorite teddy bear or blanket, you can understand the instinctive ability textiles have to relax and soothe us, and warm up our home with antique and vintage textile décor. Antique Textiles


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