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Rare Antiques...Handling Quality Consignments for 15 Years

Vintage...Stroll down memory lane from the comforts of your home.

Exquisite Antique Art from all over the world.

The use of Asian antiques to enliven rooms has become enormously popular. We have many up for auction now with many more coming!

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Norb and Marie Novocin

Norb and Marie NovocinAfter getting into a number of less successful business ventures, we found ourselves at a breaking point. With practically no income Norb used his uncertainty as a motivation to begin selling items on eBay that would earn a living for his family. When an item called “The Cigarette Eliminator,” a device for rolling cigarettes, sold for over $500, we quickly realized eBay could be the solution to our problems.

“eBay is the best online auction venue, you can present your wares to a worldwide audience, literally having the nations of the world stop in and see them and you never have to leave your home.”

–From their book Getting Sold on eBay

Starting Estate Auctions Inc. antique and vintage eBay store has been a dream come true. The family-owned business has been incredibly prosperous and has given the us incredible opportunities over the years. We use social media to share eBay selling tips with avid fans and followers, and have also been featured on several radio shows, TV interviews and have written our own book in hopes of helping others find success on eBay.

Launching estateauctionsinc #yqz in 1998, We became Power Seller only a year later and are now Platinum on eBay. Sometimes with the help of their clients and other times independently, we discover unique treasures for a few dollars and turns a profit by selling them for what they are actually worth. All of our auctions start at 99 cents. and we have a 100% positive feed back. We love what we do and it is a lot of fun.

Check out our store and tell us what you think!



Please take the time to explore our large selection of high quality antiques and fine art.


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