Getting Sold On eBay

The Treasure Hunter's Guide to Making Money

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Getting Sold On eBay

Top Sellers on eBay Since 1999

Our family has been selling on eBay since 1998. We have fun working together and we learn something new everyday. One thing we learnedGetting Sold on eBay four years ago was there was many other folks like us who wanted to be in business for themselves and have fun doing it.

 Our new book Getting Sold On eBay along with our training DVD will help ambitious people navigate their way to eBay greatness. For those just looking for a good and fun won't disappointed.

About the Book

Getting Sold on eBay was written to meet the needs of both experienced and non-experienced eBayers. If you are serious about taking your eBay business to the next level, this book is for you. Imagine learning from a seasoned professional who continues to sell on a weekly basis and is respected as a leading Power Seller. Getting Sold on eBay puts that experience into your hands. Chock full of real life antidotes, examples, step-by-step tutorials and loads of fun treasure tales.

 Written at the demand of our friends, family, and others, who through the years had been amazed each time we excitedly told one of our numerous “Treasure Tales”. It wasn’t long before these folks and even people we had never met, face to face, including our eBay representative, eBay clients and others who have followed our auctions, encouraged us to write this book and share the secrets of our success. Now those secrets are revealed in this fun and easy to read guide.   Read More


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